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Apportis has a Telelemedicine solution that can be customized, including training, and deployed in days.

Apportis won the 2nd Phase of the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge

Remove all barriers to care and surround those suffering from SUD with a community of support



Provide Mental Wellbeing to your Students

Facilitates the connection of university students  to licensed behavioral health professionals, has built-in self assessments, resources, and peer to peer support.

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Our platform is simple to use and deploy. It is a purpose-built solution focused on delivering exceptional service that meets the unique needs of critical access hospitals, community hospitals, and rural clinics.

Telebehavioral Health

We offer a platform that helps counselors and mental health practitioners enhance patient care through phone, tablet, or computer. Maximize the flow of patients you can see, while staying focused on the bottomline.

University Mental Health

Designed to supplement and enhance what is currently offered by the institution. Students can schedule regular visits with counselors, connect via telemental health, and have access to self-serve resources.

Substance Use Disorder

Our award winning solution is designed to get those suffering from substance use disorder (SUD) headed down the path to recovery. It removes barriers and keeps those seeking treatment engaged with their counselors, supporters, and peers.

Our Crisis Mitigation Solution Can help

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What is Crisis Mitigation?

The Apportis Crisis Mitigation platform is at the heart of all of our connected solutions. People struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, or battling SUD can immediately connect with a person to help in that moment. It also surrounds the individual with a community of care to engage them on their road to wellness. From clinicians to caseworkers, we can tailor our solution to fit your needs, creating measurable results and ultimately helping to save lives.

Telemedicine Since January 2020...

Telemedicine usage in the U.S. since January and not predicted to slow

U.S. hospitals are connecting with patients remotely and this number will only rise

The year-over-year growth of Telemedicine sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Patients new to Telemedicine are willing to add this to their health routine going forward.

What is Apportis?

"Portis" in Latin means "Gateway" and that is the foundation we have built this company on. Our solutions provide a way for those in need to connect to better health outcomes.

Our people, our passion, and our commitment to providing help for those that are underserved is what drive us.

Philip Payne CEO

"You are going to save so many lives"

The reaction from a peer supporter, recovering from Heroin,
upon reviewing our SUD Solution.


To learn more about our values at Apportis, talk to one of us, or visit the "About Us" section.



Apportis Facts

Founded in December, 2014

Proud to be with Rev1 Ventures



2017 - Awarded Most Innovative Healthcare Start-up
at WebSummit, the largest tech conference in the world



Won the Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge - 2nd phase



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